Why Meta Ads for Small Businesses?

Why Choose Meta Ads Hey Guys, welcome to SCORSH Blog, today we will understand why Meta Ads are profitable for SMSE businesses or agencies or sometimes for big enterprises if these businesses are from Hospitality, Real Estate, B2B, Fashion, e-commerce etc. See Meta ads work for almost all eligible industries but I said, “profitability” In … Read more

Leveraging Instagram Marketing for Fashion Brands

Instagram Marketing for Fashion Brands Social media has evolved into a vital business tool in the current digital era, especially for fashion businesses.  Instagram has distinguished itself among the abundance of social media platforms by providing a visually appealing and intensely engaging platform for marketing. Instagram offers fashion firms an opportunity to interact with their … Read more

3 Top Social Media Paid Marketing Techniques a Small business should apply

3 Top Social Media Paid Marketing Techniques For Small business Humans’ proclivity to share their joy and grief complemented by the advancement in digital technology, led to the birth of social media sites. As I write this, the world population is inching towards 8 billion with nearly 4 billion of them using social media. The … Read more