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Get a full-fledged SEO Reseller India from us which will bring a smile to your clients’ faces as they see the numbers getting big and revenues shooting high. We are having a decade-long experience as a White label SEO reseller service that has catered to agencies’ clients from every domain. 

White Label SEO Services India

White Label SEO

A digital marketing service that sells its SEO Reseller India on a white-label basis, i.e., someone else can take the credit for all their work efforts, is said to be offering an SEO reseller service we all know. One does not need to have an in-house team for SEO expertise. Sometimes these SEO reseller India also white-label their dashboards and reports so that you can show them to your clients under your name. 

While you focus on your core competencies,  we toil in the background for your client’s SEO needs. After a successful SEO campaign by a SEO Reseller India company, you can take all the credit, have the clients and strengthen your market reputation. 

An optimum mix of experience and innovation is what differentiates us from our competitors. When years of experience and modern-day expertise go into a marketing campaign, it is bound to be a success. And that is exactly what we have been doing for last couple of years. Having worked with companies from various niches, we are flexible enough to customize our action for any possible industry. We are confident in ourselves and look forward to earning yours too.

Why Should You Choose SCORSH?

What’s in our White Label SEO Reseller Indian Service?

You cannot win if you do not know who you are competing with. Using our cutting-edge tools in combination with the analytical minds of our professionals, we lay bare the strategies adopted by your client’s potential customers. Once the strategies are identified, we go all in to make better strategies in order to outrank your competitors. In the process, all the weak areas of your website get a tweak and the site becomes infallible to rank.

Technical SEO often goes unnoticed in an SEO strategy. But the truth is that the user experience of a website is heavily dependent on these technical factors. Our technical team knows this and works round the clock to improve the page speed, fix broken links and unstructured URLs, sort indexing and crawling error, boost page responsiveness and stability, and much more. We make sure that users have an excellent time navigating through your client’s website and that they actively engage with it.

Content is extremely crucial for an SEO strategy without which search engines would not be able to index a particular website. Without relevant content, a website will merely exist but will never be shared or gain recognition. Our content specialists will not let this happen to your client’s website. They know how to write content that matches the search intent of the searcher. All important factors like the length, tone, readability, and tone are taken care of.

Once we have top-notch content ready, we hop on to its marketing. We know every platform inside out and are aware of which content suits which platform. The long-tail keywords used in the content ensure that it completely matches the user’s intention and they engage with it. In this way, the organic traffic burgeons

Before starting out, it is important to analyze what is the current standing of your client in the online market, particularly in terms of SEO. For this purpose, we offer a free SEO audit of your client’s online business. Whether it is the quality of the current traffic or the various components of the website like titles, links, and URLs, everything is checked for loopholes. The process is facilitated by the latest tools used by us. In this way, you get to highlight to your clients, all the major drawbacks of their online strategy.

One size fits all’ does not hold water in the SEO world and we understand it. Thus we take a plunge into the market size, target segment, and online behavior of the potential customers of your client’s business model. After covering every aspect of the business exhaustively, we come up with a personalized plan that is best suited for your client’s business. Our years of experience across different domains go a long way in making this customized plan, a master plan

An effective SEO strategy must start with finding out all the precious keywords that can get you ranked on the SERP. With our specialized keyword tool, we narrow down the keywords and key phrases that are most relevant to your client’s business and have a high search volume. Once we have the exhaustive list of keywords, we get on to the task of incorporating those in your client’s content to make sure they do not go unnoticed by the search engines and are bound to rank. At times, we go a step beyond and conduct surveys to directly ask the customers about the search term they use to find your client’s business.

Google has clearly mentioned in its ranking guidelines that Quality Links have a bearing in ranking a website. Hence link building is one of the vital parts of an SEO strategy and needs special attention. In the course of time, we have maintained and nurtured strong relationships with publishers, writers, and editors, which catalyzes your client’s link-building process. When the quality content that we create, gets the help of our network and connections, quality backlinks follow.

Hence, we get the most relevant and popular site link back to you.

If your clients want to improve their brand visibility using the PPC model, we got you covered. Whether it is an existing campaign that requires a boost or a new campaign that is to be built from scratch, we have everything in the bag. We are experts in Google Ads and Facebook Ads and have helped several businesses gain instant traffic using the same. We take care of the bidding to make sure your client gets the space at the optimum price. We take charge of the catchy taglines and appealing landing pages which will definitely entice your client’s potential customers.

We give you a full report and data-visualization for each client name. The report includes all the key performance indicators to understand how the campaign is going on till that time. Hence, your client gets to access the entire campaign data in one place. Moreover, you can ask us to customize the report as per your client’s need. We burn the midnight oil so that you earn the loyalty of your clients.

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SEO Services India

SEO Reseller Service Steps:

  1. Convey to us in detail about the client’s requirement and target segment.
  2. Accordingly, we will suggest you a package that will best suit your clients.
  3. We will fix a meeting with you for all the deliberations and negotiations so that you get the deal at the best price.
  4. Get your client onboard.
  5. Be all ears to their praises.
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