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In fact, someone aspiring for overseas customers can also blindly bank on us as i have a substantial amount of experience in Digital marketing. Businesses partnered with us in the past and their testimonials say it all. When our highly skilled experts take charge of your campaign, numbers are bound to increase.

The cutting-edge technologies and tools used, the constant tracking of SEO trends, and the never-faltering desire to stay ahead of the Search Engine’s algorithm make me the best SEO consultant in India.

Why your business website needs SEO?

Your business website needs to have a strong digital presence in this digital world. The best way to achieve online success is by having a solid SEO strategy. SEO can help you increase your organic traffic & get highly-qualified users to discover your website and learn about what you have to offer.

With a good SEO strategy, your website can reach far more viewers for much longer than any ads of the same price could. According to research, the implementation of a good SEO strategy can help you increase organic page views and visits by up to 120% in just six months and even more with additional strategies.

Best SEO Company in India

Our Approach

I start my process by establishing where your company is at. This means looking into how your company is doing on SEO, like the amount of organic traffic you’re already getting, which keywords your website is currently ranking for, and which are your most important keywords overall.

I’ll also verify if there are any potential issues with your website that are keeping you from ranking, and how to solve them. This will help us establish a baseline.

Establishing a baseline is extremely important because it lets us know where we are, and allows us to create realistic and achievable goals. It also helps us discover any potential issues that might be preventing your company from achieving its goals. I can then solve these in order to start on a solid foundation.

Once I established your baseline and your needs I start developing your SEO strategy and supervise it to fruition.

Here’s What Our SEO Audit Process Looks Like:

I begin the process by using various tools to crawl your website. These tools let us collect the information we need to learn how well your website is currently ranking. I also check your analytics to discover trends and patterns in your traffic and use the free Google Webmasters diagnostic tools. Once I collected all the data that i need, i start the audit process.

By using the data we’ve collected, we will learn how well search engines are currently able to crawl and access your website. We look for potential issues in your website’s metadata, sitemaps, site architecture, navigation, and framework. This lets us know two things: how well search engines can access your website and how well search engines can understand your website. Finally, we check your site’s performance—how fast it loads on a computer or smartphone.

Once we make sure search engines can access and understand your website, we need to make sure they can index it too. “Indexing” means search engines are including your website in their results when someone looks up relevant information.

This part is very simple to do. We search various queries on Google and Bing and find out how many of the pages from your website are included in the results. If any pages can’t be accessed, we’ll further try to find out the solutions to index them.

Once i’ve ensured your website is indexed and SEO-friendly, i dig into the rest of the factors that determine your ranking. I consider factors such as:

  • urls
  • Content
  • Duplicate Content
  • Keyword Cannibalism
  • HTML markup
  • Interlinking

These factors help finding even more ways to improve your ranking.

When it comes to ranking, what’s not on your website is just as important as what is on your website needs to have high-quality sites linking to it. These links, or backlinks, help determine your page authority.

Here, we review your website’s popularity compared to your competition, your backlinks, and their sources, how trustworthy your website is, as well as your Page Authority and Domain Authority. Based on this analysis, we take action and start building links to your site through different tactics.

Once we’ve reviewed everything, we’ll also review three of your competitors’ websites and compare the results. Finally, we determine the actions that need to be taken to increase your website’s ranking.

Why Choose SCORSH for SEO Services India?

SEO Packages India

With the internet and mobile phones penetrating the farthest corner of the world, the surge in people searching for services near them has been tremendous. Among all the people who search for a local service, 80 percent of them convert into sales. You can imagine the importance of optimizing your site for local results. If your business is localized and caters to a few specific areas, local SEO can be a boon for you. By working our magic, we will make sure you appear when people of that particular geographic area search for your kind of service.

What’s included?

A free website analysis: Our team will conduct an exhaustive audit of your website to determine all the loopholes that need to be worked upon. It is completely free of cost and you can decide whether or not to opt for us only after we hand over the detailed report of your website to you.

Google business profile optimization: The backbone of the local search is the Google business profile listing without which you cannot be found by your nearby searchers. We make sure you make it to the local SEO 3-pack by keeping your profile up to date and consistent with all the necessary information including maps.

Local Citation: In addition to the Google business profile, we make sure that we build local citations for you so that you can rank on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Apple maps, etc.

Keyword Infusion:  We infuse the target keywords, like the city and the locality name or the long-tail keywords that define your service, in your page titles, meta descriptions, and the site copy so that you appear at the top of the page, every time a searcher looks for something like you.

Monitoring the rating and reviews: For a local business, rating, and reviews becomes important as people use them as a window to your service. Equally important is to keep your review section updated by answering and responding to all the queries of your customers to make them feel heard. We have officials assigned to take care of the same.

Making a mobile responsive site: More than 60 percent of the searches are done using mobile phones. Why? Because people can search on their phones even when they are on the go. Hence, your site needs to be optimized for mobile phones. We offer an initial Mobile-Friendliness check for your site. If you score low, we offer mobile responsive design services to help improve the experience of the mobile users on your site.

While Local SEO mainly focuses on a particular geographical area, national SEO includes positioning your brand for wider keyword terms. If done rightly, you can have your product gain popularity on a national level and your customer base will increase exponentially and so does your ROI.  If you feel your business is ready to go national, come on board. We will make it happen.

What’s included?

Advanced keyword research and implementation: On a national level, just focusing on some primary keywords would not drive results.  Our team knows this and creates themes of keywords that contain every possible keywords or keyphrase that your potential customer can use to find a service of your kind. We also come up with some unique keywords other than the trending ones, that will be exclusive to your business.

Once we are through the keyword research process, our content specialists start working out their magic by subtly placing those keywords in your content, page titles, and meta descriptions to make sure search engines find you useful.

Rich content: We have got experts in our team who can write excellent content for your website that will keep your existing customers craving for more, while also appealing to the newer audiences. Devoid of any grammatical errors, the content is segmented into smaller pieces with the help of headings and bullets which ensures high readability. On a national level, you can also have audiences who prefer a particular language other than English. Hence, we are also competent in developing content in multiple languages and submitting it to the non-English directories.

Getting quality backlinks: Although the top quality content that we create does not need any acquaintances for getting backlinks, over the years, we have developed a solid network and uncountable connections that can expedite the process of link building to a great extent. We know businesses from every possible domain. Hence, no matter which domain you are in, we know someone who knows someone, and so on. 

Conversion optimization: We have an eagle’s eye for user experience and leave no stones unturned in that pursuit. We start off with your homepage since it is the first impression of your website. We make sure your homepage has clear calls to action, product information, links to those products, and chatbots to improve your customer’s browsing experience. Then comes the pricing page which can make or break your deal with your customers. We provide all the necessary information on your pricing page like the prices of every package, perks of each package, contact details for getting the price quote, and much more. We also design interesting landing pages to capture the details of your potential customers. Hence, with our national SEO package, you will get a comprehensive conversion rate optimization.

Technical SEO:  Our technical team is always on the go to do away with any technical errors like slow page speed, broken links, unstructured URLs, page instability, crawling or indexing errors, and beyond.

Real-time reporting: Our state-of-the-art tools provide real-time reports about the campaign for real-time adjustments. The entire campaign is data-driven and checked for white hat SEO. Hence, we do not shy away from explaining each step of ours to you. We ensure that you and we are on the same page during the entire campaign and you get reports for each effort regularly.

With International SEO, you can have access to the market outside of your home country. Imagine the amount of traffic and hike in the ROI you will get if your website is optimized for the international audience. With the advent of globalization, International SEO is not a far-fetched idea anymore but a lucrative reality. What is stopping you from reaching your potential international customers? We will make you reach them.

Apart from our typical SEO services, here are the add ons:

Keyword Analysis: Before you start competing in the global market, it is imperative to do comprehensive research on how people search for your kind of service, which keywords your competitors are using, how are they ranking for those keywords, and which keywords have the highest search volume. Our experts set out to get the answer to all these questions once you come on board. We have cutting-edge tools to help us with the same.

Website audit:  A comprehensive website audit is conducted to include various features important in international SEO. For example, languages you should publish your content in for the best results(multilingual site), search engines other to be kept in mind for the international audience since Google is not prominent everywhere(Baidu rules China and Yandex rules Russia), setting up international targeting in the search console, and much more. 

Technical SEO:  There is much to consider in the technical aspect of your site the moment you decide to go international. You need to decide your URL structure in an international context- a domain, a subdomain, or a subfolder, as per your requirements like country-specific targeting, language-specific targeting, or both. For example-

For Mexico

You need to set up Hreflang, to tell the search engines which country or language you are targeting, hyperlink your primary homepage to international pages, and much more. Do not fret over these technical terms. Just count on us and we will sail you through.

Deep dive into the demographics- Needless to say, one has to tailor his/her content to the target country. Even within a country, there are different cultures, expressions, hobbies, and purchasing behavior knowing which can benefit your business a lot. We dive deep into the target demographic to excavate the most niche insights to get you that extra edge over your competitors.

Content Translation: We have got experienced translators to translate your content to your customer’s native language so that all the relevant keywords remain studded in the content.

Affordable SEO Packages

Local SEO

15000 / Month
  • 25 Man Hours
  • Keyword Research & Audit
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Robots & Sitemap Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Fundamental Link building
  • 1 Blog on Your Website
  • GSC & Analytics Setup
  • On Page upto 10 Pages
  • 8 Prime Keywords
  • 30 Days Work Report
  • Email & WhatsApp Support

National SEO

23000 / Month
  • 50 Man Hours
  • Competitors & Keywords Research
  • Technical Audit with Report
  • Content & Tags Optimization
  • Fundamental & Supplemental Links
  • 3 Blogs for your website
  • 1 Premium Guestpost
  • GSC & GA Setup
  • On Page upto 15 Pages
  • 15 Prime Keywords
  • 30 Days Work Report
  • Email & WhatsApp Support

International SEO

40000 / Month
  • 100 Man Hours
  • Competitors & Keywords Research
  • Technical Audit with Report
  • Tags & Content Optimization
  • Fundamental & Supplemental Links
  • 5 Niche Specific Blogs for your website
  • 3 Guestposts (General+Niche Based)
  • GSC & GA Setup
  • On Page upto 25 Pages
  • 18 Prime Keywords
  • 30 Days Work Report
  • Email, WhatsApp & Call Support

Silver Package

12000 / Month
  • 20 Man Hours
  • Keyword Research & Audit
  • 6 Keywords Package
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Robots & Sitemap Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Fundamental Link building
  • GSC & Analytics Setup
  • 30 Days Work Report
  • Email Support

Gold Package

19000 / Month
  • 35 Man Hours
  • Competitors & Keywords Research
  • Technical Audit with Report
  • Tags & Content Optimization
  • Fundamental & Supplemental Links
  • 2 Blogs for your website
  • GSC & GA Setup
  • On Page upto 15 Pages
  • 12 Prime Keywords
  • 30 Days Work Report
  • Email & WhatsApp Support

eCommerce Package

35000 / Month
  • 75 Man Hours
  • Competitors & Keywords Research
  • Technical Audit with Report
  • Tags & Content Optimization
  • Fundamental & Supplemental Links in Batches
  • 5 Niche Specific Blogs in 3rd Party Websites
  • 5 Guestposts (General+Niche Based)
  • GSC & GA Setup
  • On Page upto 50 Pages
  • 100 Prime Keywords
  • 30 Days Work Report
  • Email, WhatsApp & Call Support

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Learn about most common SEO question asked by our clients

What exactly is SEO and How it works?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. This means when we keep the things within our website according to a search engine algorithm or guidelines. These guidelines are not available to anyone publicly or officially by search engines like Google. In terms of Google, to optimize a website an SEO Service in India works with many technical and analytical elements of the website such as content, website architecture, and structure, UI/UX designs, Speed of the website, etc.

What kind of SEO can I take?

Well, that depends on your target audience, product, and service area. We don’t have control over SEO content visibility for a particular location such as state, country, etc but there are some ways, we try it. However, if you serve locally, you can opt-in for a local SEO package and if you’re targeting National, you can opt-in for a national SEO package.

Can I get my website ranking in a month?

Well, a new website that has little to no competition can be ranked but there are no certain ways that tell us the exact time frame to get the SEO ranking for a particular website. In general, a website can start getting impressions and keywords ranking in the top 100 of Google in a couple of months.

How can I track the SEO process?

You don’t need to worry about SEO progress tracking as we prepare a complete detailed report of SEO work every single month that consists of work man-hours consumed for each work. This report will also consist of various SEO information such as link building report, on-page, Google Analytics, Google search console stats (If that applies), and ranking for your current keywords. Additionally if you need to check any custom thing from the report, we can show you live.

What does SEO cost?

Well, SEO costing depends on multiple factors. Not all the niches and businesses have same competition, right? And hence keywords depend on difficulty score and workload for each individual resource or asset we use. We generally calculate man-hours exhausted for an SEO campaign each month and charge accordingly however SEO costing is fixed for each month

What if I want to break the SEO process after X month?

Well, even if you got ranked, it is not guaranteed your result will stay at a fixed position for while as your competitors will work hard to outrank your website and that’s natural. We suggest not to stop the SEO process as you’re already getting profit from it without investing on ads or something else.

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