Meta Ads Expert in India

Finding a great Facebook Ads expert in India isn’t tough if you know how to find one for your business. Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that helps businesses generate leads. 

Facebook is the platform that can help you fulfill multiple marketing goals, such as Brand awareness, reaching traffic, and lead generation for a particular niche business.

Being a Meta/facebook Ads expert in India, i believe if you're not using Meta for your business based on your business goals, you're missing out on money on the table.

Facebook Ads Expert in India

Why Choose Me As Your Meta Ads Expert?

SCORSH is one of the leading group of people with a specific skill set that help business go online, spread brand goals, and generate leads via social and search platforms like Meta Ads. Being a facebook ads expert in India, I have helped a number of businesses by suggesting what, when to, and which assets and strategies to choose to grow their business online.

I have enhanced brand awareness and generated leads via Facebook in multiple formats, such as calls, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, lead forms, etc for multiple niches online.

As you can see in the image in the right hand side, this is one of the clients, and we have generated high quality leads using Meta Ads.

Facebook Ads Expert in India

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Meta Ads Packages in India

choose custom PPC Packages in India by SCORSH


Rs 11K Month
  • Upto 2 Ad campaign setup
  • 12 Man Hours
  • Creatives/Graphics Not Included
  • WhatsApp & Phone Support
  • Tag Manager Setup (If required)
  • Max Ad Budget < Rs 50K/Month

Good Choice

20% of Ads Bud. Month
  • Up to 3 Campaign Setup
  • 16 Man Hours
  • Creatives/Graphics Included
  • WhatsApp & Phone Support
  • Tag Manager Setup
  • Max Ad Budget < Rs 200K/Month


25% of Ads Bud. Month
  • Up to 10 Campaigns
  • No Limit in Ads Budget
  • No Limit in Man Hours
  • Creatives/Graphics Included
  • WhatsApp, Mail & Phone Support
  • Tag Manager Setup
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Budget must be > Rs 200K/Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

I will ask you to share your existing Facebook (Meta) business manager account access, where i take Admin access to your official Facebook page, facebook ads account, Instagram account, Pixels, etc. As a responsible facebook ads expert in India, I may ask for additional information in order to setup and execute the ads actions.

In case you don’t own a Facebook ads account, I can help you in account setup. After the account set up, you just need to send the account access to me. I will make sure to have access to your ads account so that I can manage the campaigns. Also, check our Google ads management service

There is no limit to the spending amount. You can use our suggested budget or let us know the monthly budget you’re willing to spend on ads. Two important things to keep in mind here are:

  • Your monthly Ads Budget doesn’t include our Ads management fee
  • You still need to pay GST and taxes, except for your monthly ads budget.
  • Facebook ads charges when your budget reaches the ads spend frequency 

As a responsible facebook ads expert in India, i charge INR 11K each month to setup and manage facebook ads if the budget is below 50K INR/Month. If you have a larger amount, we charge 25% of the spending budget. If you have any confusion about the ads budget or anything related to the service fees, please contact us now.

Facebook ads campaigns are instant results-driven; however, there are certain scenarios that work behind them, such as the Facebook ads review policy, which can take up-to 72 hours of time to check if the ads are all good to go, which means the ads comply with their advertising policies. 

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