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It is great that you are marketing your products online. But all those efforts will not bear fruit if you don't optimize your website according to both search engines and your potential customers. The eCommerce SEO should be on the top of anyone’s list attempting to do so.

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO Service - Quick Steps

Considering We're one of the Top eCommerce SEO Services Isn't enough. We believe we deserve that.


We start with primary phase and its our analysis. It includes web asset technical and logical analysis to find the issue and opportunities.


We draw a clear picture of the project path based on prior analysis. It helps us finishing and fixing tasks and errors within TAT.


Execution of the aligned tasks are crucial to be done properly within TAT to meet our deadlines with respect to our resources.

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SCORSH as Your Trusted Partner

Its always great to scale up your eCommerce business using solid SEO techniques. But do you need SCORSH for ecommerce website SEO?

Our team has helped several eCommerce businesses crush their competitors and skyrocket their organic rankings. All thanks to our time-tested and foolproof SEO strategy. We are eager to do that for you too.

Our team of experts has been in the industry for more than a decade now. We have worked with myriads of companies from every possible industry you can think of. All of them got the same result: More targeted leads and more revenue. We know a successful SEO campaign inside out and hop on to it from the very first day.

We do not back on intuitions but on data. Your entire campaign will be data-driven. In this way, we ensure that our every action is backed by reason and nothing is done for the heck of it. Also, our team constantly tracks the latest SEO trends related to your industry. Hence, you get the optimum mix of experience and innovation.

eCommerce SEO Prime Steps

Keywords or keyphrases are the roots of any SEO strategy. It is important to know what search terms your potential customers are using to find you so that you can incorporate those into your content. To help you with this, we have our comprehensive keyword tool that will accumulate all the keywords with high search volume in your industry. We also conduct surveys to ask your potential customers about how they define your product.

In this way, we have an exhaustive list of keywords and key phrases that are most pertinent and valuable to your website.

In the next step of our campaign, our talented copywriters will make sure that all these keywords are reflected in your content. They will make sure that each of your website’s components is equipped with these keywords, your homepage, title,  product description, meta description, product description, images alt text, and beyond.

In an eCommerce website, product pages are the ones that deserve special attention since they are the pages that are most likely to rank. Therefore, our in-house experts curate our product page meticulously. Starting off with writing rich product descriptions,

we go on to include top-quality images of your product from multiple angles for your customer’s satisfaction. We also optimize those images for the search engines by using appropriate image file names and image alt texts. In this way, you have a product page that will definitely draw the attention of your customers.

In addition to your own website, we also write product copies for submission to eCommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart.

What if a visitor comes to your online store but gets confused within your website?

All of your SEO efforts will go in vain. In fact, it has a much more serious consequence. Visitors getting confused and leaving your website translates into a high bounce rate of your website. This is an indication to the Search Engine that your website is not relevant for that particular search term. Thus, your rankings take a hit.


Hence, for an e-commerce store, having a proper navigation structure is paramount. Our experts will make sure that all your products are neatly divided into categories and subcategories. Moreover, each of your pages will have a link back to the homepage.

Also, for the ease of the visitors, we will use breadcrumb navigation which will tell the visitors where they are on a page and how can they get to the previous page.

For your online store to gain recognition, just displaying products is not enough. You will have to come up with intriguing content related to your product consistently. This can include blogs, articles, infographics, press releases, or even short videos. These contents also speak volumes about your knowledge in the industry.

Our content specialists will sit with you to brainstorm what kind of content will be best suited for your site. Post that they get on to the work of creating quality content on that topic and our marketing commandos take care of the marketing arena.

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Reporting: Timely and Clear Overview

We provide timely reports that are informative yet easy to comprehend. The report has all the insights including completed tasks, upcoming tasks, revenue earned, leads attracted, source of the leads, cost per acquisition, and beyond.

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