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Getting an SEO service in Ranchi isn't a tough task from now onwards. Before we talk more about it. Let's see, What is SEO and how it works.

SEO services Ranchi

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SEO Services in Ranchi

Why SEO Service?

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. In a layman’s language, SEO means to increase the traffic on websites and web assets like Apps/blogs, etc from search engines like Google and Bing. 

These are either paid searches or unpaid searches. Whenever you do need something to check, you check on Google as you believe it delivers the most valuable search results and knowledge about your particular query. 

There are different definitions given in the dictionary for SEO. But the main conclusion is that it refers to the process of affecting the online visibility of any given website or a web page. Number of searches made by people for any particular web page tells you about the demand for that webpage. 


If the number of searches is more for any particular phrase/word/website/product, those particulars will be shown in the topmost searches. This means the visibility of any webpage/website, in that case, will be more.

On the other hand, the website designing part is super important for SEO as well. Other than the webpage or a website design, it also has many other different aspects to it. A web development process not only refers to the creation of any website or webpage but also involves web content designing and coding of any page or website.


We provide SEO service in Ranchi along with Web Development services (if required) at affordable prices. When it comes to SEO or any website development process, we try to deliver excellent service experiences. 

When we speak about SEO, there is a search engine; there are you and the searcher. In between, we make your business search better and refiner. Don’t have an idea how this SEO works? Let’s check really quickly.

For instance, if You have a local business based, for example, on vegetarian restaurants in Ranchi or nearby areas, you want some sort of specific audience that’s vegetarians who search online and also want to visit your business. 

They would type some sort of queries like “Vegetarian restaurant in Ranchi”, “Best Vegetarian restaurants near me” and so on…

We compile your business information by using your web assets like Your Google my business listing, website, and social media pages to perform the SEO actions and enable your business information to go online for these search terms. Isn’t that great?

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SEO has 5 Simple Steps:

It is the primary step where we take steps to find website technical errors such as broken links, speed, UI/ UX etc related issues and create a brief report for us and our client to understand what is the current condition of the site now.

This is the most crucial part of the overall SEO process. Here we do market & competitor research to find the best suitable keywords for business websites based on your business categories, location, targeted demographics etc. If needed we also send the list/sheet of keywords to our client.

Buffer Time: This is the time when we fix the minor issues on the website. If the issues are bigger that need a development person to fix them, we let you know as this costs additional. This time is also contained to take a look at the keywords sheet by the client (If any)


At this stage, we have a technically fixed website now we work on metas of the website, content optimization etc. 

In this step, we start creating backlinks to your site. We work with content marketing and find opportunities to work for the link-building process. We create basic links architecture and then supplemental links to boost the ranking. 

We believe data and reporting should be frequent and hence we process it timely. We re-audit the website in order to update the status of seo on the website. We send a monthly SEO report to our clients that contains SEO traffic data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics etc. 

What Next?

Similarly, a web page development process requires certain things to be performed while creating website content or webpage content. It might feel like magic to a common man but for us, this is our task to do.


Now if we talk about a team, we have a highly diligent team who is involved in updated SEO & web development practices.

Ready to get started?

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