PPC Agency in India

Millions of businesses across the globe are using PPC. 

PPC is the foundation stone of brand visibility. Whenever you see ads on the Google page, it is shown due to PPC. Every time customer clicks on those ads, the owner pays per click to Google.

Like search engines, Social platforms like Facebook, Insta and YouTube also sell the space for advertising. Businesses are willing to advertise and pay to get instant traffic. We provide Pay per click management services at affordable prices.

We understand the business requirements with expertise, we can effectively manage PPC campaigns. One cannot manage PPC alone, you need expertise. You are at the right place if you are seeking a PPC or Facebook ads expert in India to grow your business.

PPC Agency in India
PPC Agency in India

Who Needs PPC Management?

One who owns a local, national or global business can use Paid ads services such as Google ads (Google AdWords), Facebook ads etc. You can get inbound or outbound leads with the help of paid ads on demand.

If you don't want to wait months to see results as happens in most cases of SEO, you can hire a PPC expert immediately to run ads for you.

You have some affordable PPC packages in India, Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Pune and even more competitive pricing and great results.

We Work With 3 Types Of Ads Management

Google Ads Management

Take advantage of Google Search and Its Search Partners along with Google Display Platforms to drive super-targeted traffic. We're Google Ads Expert Capable Enough to Drive Traffic on Demand.

Facebook Ads Management

Let us run your Ads campaign on the Social media giant that's Facebook. We can help you suggest ads type and budget as well as with set-up & Ads Optimization.

Social & Search Ad Campaigns Results

Google ads- Search Campaign - B2B

Google ads results

Google Ads - Performance Max - B2C

Performance Max Campaign - B2C

Facebook Ads - B2C

Meta Ads Results-1

Facebook Ads - eCommerce Store

Meta Ads Results-2

Facebook Ads - B2B

Meta Ads Results

Facebook & Google Ads Packages in India

choose custom PPC Packages in India by SCORSH


Rs 11K Month
  • 1 Ad campaign setup
  • Max 3 Keywords
  • 12 Man Hours
  • WhatsApp & Phone Support
  • Tag Manager Setup
  • Max Ad Budget < Rs 50K/Month

Good Choice

20% of Ads Bud. Month
  • Up to 3 Campaign Setup
  • Max 15 Keywords
  • 16 Man Hours
  • WhatsApp & Phone Support
  • Tag Manager Setup
  • Max Ad Budget < Rs 200K/Month


25% of Ads Bud. Month
  • Up to 10 Campaigns
  • No Limit on Keywords
  • No Limit in Ads Budget
  • No Limit in Man Hours
  • WhatsApp, Mail & Phone Support
  • Tag Manager Setup
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Budget must be > Rs 200K/Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone that has a little knowledge can set up and run the ads campaigns but if you take professional PPC & Social Ads management service that can optimize your campaign to get maximize clicks, traffic & conversion. The ads process can be complex, frustrating and exhausting for a little to no knowledge person and hence we suggest to hire a PPC expert instead of doing yourself.

There is no spending limit on ads platforms however a minimum or standard budget depends on the campaign type and platforms. In the case of Google ads, it depends on a number of keywords and their cost per click, demographic area, and different targeting options. We can start with a standard budget that suits the campaign type and also your pocket.

It totally depends on your business type, niche and where your target audiences are. In case you're not able to decide which platform is profitable, we can research or test the things and let you know.

PPC model is a quick results-driven so once we set up your campaign and get ads approval from the associated platform, you can start experience traffic, clicks flow. In some cases if the ads don't go live or pending for approval, it can take up to 24- 72 hours or more.

After campaign approval from their associated platforms, an Ad campaign may go under "Learning mode" where these platforms actually try to understand your target settings and goal and help optimizing the campaigns. 

Yes, of course, once your ads campaign started showing ads and got some data, a report can be delivered on-demand. However, we send a weekly report in general.

That depends on the campaign type and platform but we strongly recommend you to use at least a single page (landing page) website to show your ads. You can contact us to know more.

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