Why Choose Meta Ads

Hey Guys, welcome to SCORSH Blog, today we will understand why Meta Ads are profitable for SMSE businesses or agencies or sometimes for big enterprises if these businesses are from Hospitality, Real Estate, B2B, Fashion, e-commerce etc.

See Meta ads work for almost all eligible industries but I said, “profitability

In my years of experience, I have seen if the business is low on budget and belongs to these industries, we must try Meta ads.

In recent years I have seen even big-ticket and long sales cycle products/services sold with the help of Meta advertising. 

Why Meta Ads instead of Google Ads?

Please take a look at a local campaign on Meta for a 4 Million population area from India, it costs less than Rs 10 for a lead/result on Meta

And now for the same business, we can see the CPC (Avg. cost). is almost 4X more than what we got on Meta ads


Things that can be considerable while choosing Meta ads for a business:

  • If you tried out Facebook or Meta Ads experts earlier and didn’t get success with it, something missed out and wasn’t placed properly what I think
  • If you’re choosing meta ads, make sure to use real data, and real graphics and avoid using any hypothetical information. 

An example can be, using an American Doctor’s picture for an Indian Ad asset

  • Using the meta ads only to push sales can be the wrong perception. Instead of using it for sale or lead from the day one can lead a Meta ad unsuccessful. 

Other solid reasons that I think Meta works better for these particular niches/ businesses are: 

  • Highly Targeted Audience: Facebook delivers brief and detailed targeting options based on demographics, interests, behaviours, life events etc. Now, based on someone’s interest, only we can show them the ads. Isn’t that amazing.
  • Visual Appeal: Anything that is visible in the form of images, videos, video or image carousels can lead to better engagement comparing a text version of an ad copy.. 
  • If I talk about products or services that can be advertised better with visual demonstration or storytelling, can be much more beneficial with Meta ads.
  • Social Engagement & Interaction: Meta is a social platform where people meet via chat and entertain with this platform. This interaction fosters community building and can lead to higher levels of engagement with the ads when compared to Google Ads, which are primarily displayed within search results.

See end of the day, choosing an ad platform also depend on marketing goal or objectives however in this short report you may get some idea and further want to try a Meta ads expert for your business.

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