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Google Adwords Expert in Jaipur – Google Ads Service

Google Adwords Expert in Jaipur – Best Google Ads Service

You’re on this page means probably you’re looking for the most reliable Facebook & Google Adwords (ads) service in Jaipur.

Before getting into PPC (Pay Per Click) services, we’ll try to break down a couple of things for the people who don’t have an idea about how a Google ads expert can help you get things done.

What is PPC Services?

Google Adwords expert in Jaipur
Google Adwords expert in Jaipur

PPC stands for Pay per click means you pay when someone clicks your ads. PPC is a paid marketing technique, means you need to pay to platforms like Google and Facebook for placing your website’s ads.

What does a Google Adwords Service Expert do?

We have a large opportunity to with Pay Per Click pattern. It’s way more flexible when comes to control. We first analyze the business and find opportunities.

After the process, we start copywriting in a way to get a maximum click in each ad set. As a top google ads management expert, learn more about what we do in Pay Per Click Ads campaigns. The exact step we take to set up a Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign.


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How Google Ads (Adwords) is different from SEO?

PPC is a paid advertising method to get your ads visible with the purpose to land traffic to your website on demand while SEO is a long term process where you don’t pay to the platforms for ads, you just optimize your website according to search engines guidelines to get ranked in SERP.

  • PPC is an almost instant traffic generation method while earning traffic from search engines from methods like SEO may take a longer time.


  • PPC can be done for a search engine, for example, Google or social platforms like, Facebook. But SEO can only be done for search engine visibility.

How Google Ads Campaign Management Work?

Let’s talk about how a Google Ads or Adwords Expert in Jaipur works. Google has its own identity when delivering paid search distribution. Start leveraging the benefits with scorsh. It’s not always easy to handle out how to figure out actions and strategies when running a paid campaign to drive traffic. Hiring a Google ads agency or a Google ads (Adwords) expert to manage your campaign is a great idea.

We deliver Google Adwords management successful and satisfying results. We have handled out 30+ accounts so far past years with 1K INR to 10K INR per day spent. This makes scorsh the best Google AdWords expert in Jaipur.

End of the day the demand is traffic to get sales and target goals. Gathering data and working according to the proven metrics and set of strategies makes a PPC campaign successful.

The Roadmap:

Keyword Audit & Analysis

By doing in-depth Keyword research that drives sales and conversion (or your target goals). These highly targeted set of keywords help me to optimize the campaign at an optimal cost.
I use a range of keyword research tools, reverse engineering Free and Paid tools to determine if I’m getting a great keyword plan.

Competitors Research

We also perform quick competitors’ analysis to understand what and how they’re doing. We have now a set of keywords, planning, and strategies. Now In this next step, we set your Google ads campaign with an optimized configuration and clear view of it.

Landing Page Design

we can design your landing page if needed or if you already have one, we’ll optimize it as per the keyword and Google Adwords campaign setting.

Landing pages play a crucial role in campaign management and help reducing spend amounts.

Ads Performance Report

we deliver a proper report of the campaign, monthly so that you check each action performed by this Google Adwords service expert in Jaipur that’s taking your traffic to the next level.

The core concept of the minimal cost is optimized results. It means Google always delivers best and keep pushing that to the 1st position (Paid or Organically) to get maximum value to the user.

In this case, you pay lower than the actual bid amount and get a higher number of clicks. This is possible when your quality score is best out of it.

And the Quality Score depends on Landing Page Experience, Ads Relevancy, CTR (Click Through Rate), Maximum Bid to reach standard ad rank, etc.

Why should you hire a Google ads Expert?

Also, Learn why I call this an Agency Level work!
– Professional campaigns set up and management service
– On-demand traffic delivery with optimal cost.
– Tested and Proven set of strategies.
– No Hidden cost, apart from Google ads management fee.
– Top-notch Campaign report monthly.

What kind of Pay Per Click services you can expect?

A managed and optimized PPC campaigns can generate 200%-400% or even more of your investment (Depends on the platform). So, we can set up a PPC campaign for you and map everything to make sure everything goes accordingly.

You probably have tried out everything yourself or have taken other services as well and got nothing like the results. Don’t bother, we can help you.

Interested? Contact to ask anything about PPC campaign management Services like Facebook & Google ads management.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do you charge for Google & Facebook Ads Management?

Ans: I have a fixed charge of Rs 5K INR set up (It includes the first-month fee) and from the next month, you will need to pay 3.5K INR per month for management. This cost doesn’t include your ads expense on Facebook or Google. Also, this cost applies for One Platform, that’s either Google or Facebook. 

2. How much do you charge for Combily Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads Management?

Ans: This varies with the situation and the type of campaigns you want us to work on. The combined platforms will cost you less relatively.

3. Can I run my campaigns myself?

Ans: Yes if you know how to reduce the cost by optimizing the ads campaign and that’s all about information and years of experience in the industry.

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