Why 95% of SEO Strategists Fail After New Google’s Updates?

Search Updates: This is the new world of SEO, Search Engine Optimization is now more logical than algorithmic. Every time search engines like Google updates their algorithm to enhance user interaction and provide information as relevant as possible.

People who don’t get ranked, simply don’t follow or understand, what search engines want to be in Top positions.

In this short article, I’m going to tell you a couple of things to take care of that will help you all the time keeping your ranking safe.

Do you think about why it is so?

Search engines like Google are now more tend to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) instead of the manual filter. This helped them an unexceptional increment in quality while providing accurate value to the end-user. Old school SEO methods are still being used by people out there and they claim they followed rules. Even you follow these rules, sometimes, your search results do not appear.

For example, if someone is searching for a Laptop for under $1000.

Google’s algorithm understands that he might be interested in reviews and tons of other comparison results.

People having a proper knowledge set and comparison will appear and prioritize first instead of a website using tons of relevant keywords. This makes Google out of the crowd. End of the day they want a great user experience and satisfaction for top results.

So, what you need to follow before a Search Update?

Check this Quick Video:

Content Strategy:

As observed, one needs to concentrate on meaning-based content that’s more accurate. The content having enough knowledge about the topic is beneficial.

What does it mean?
Content should be written or developed for Human information not for the search engines.

So, how do you think the content is meaningful?

For example, you visit a website and searching for, how to learn PHP in 30 days, you searched and got content on page#1 which is exactly telling you Day-1 to Day 30 Strategies, you will scroll it down slowly to know about the content. Once you’re done, you will close that search TAB, means? You got what you searched for, right?

So, this content made you stay for some time and gave the exact information. Google records user activity to enhance search value and hence that page will be literally triggered to the top.

I also suggest modifying your content pattern and carefully audit your whole website if you’re having any thin content or zombie pages. (As the name indicates, these pages seem to be dead to Google, modify them with new fresh content, optimize well with necessary LSI placements).


The majority of the people in the SEO world create backlinks themselves instead of earning.

What do you mean by earning backlinks?

It’s simple to understand. Create content that’s shareable. I already told you above how to create valuable content that works.

Even you create backlinks, check out if you got hit by updates? in both YES or NO, cases, make sure you start auditing your backlinks.

What is a Good Backlink?

That simple to answer in words but to make you understand, in my point of view, a backlink is a great quality if it’s tough to get. A link from real .edu and .gov can be super tough to get hence contains quality.

  • For example, if more and more people are using the same platforms (ex- comment), it can be counted as Spam.
  • A backlink from Footer and Sidebar is not recommended to have it on your backlinks list. You should ignore these as soon as possible.
  • A backlink from the Link network is not recommended at all.

Do you think No Follow backlinks works?

Well, in some cases, I have seen, they work having great quality.

So, while your audit, make sure you list out Spam domains and platforms. You may wanna use the google disavow tool to remove domains. Yes! Instead of disavowing URLs, just disavow the root domains.

Meta CopyWriting:

Many people don’t use the power of copywriting. I just said Copywriting in SEO? Confused?

Alright! You don’t need to be confused, let me drill it down for you. People sometimes make mistakes or ignore them but writing Your Metas, like Meta Title, Description in an ad style can generate more clicks by improving your CTR.

Do you know a small CTR increment can reflect a great improvement in keyword ranking?

Check out the current CTR via webmaster tools, now it’s time to check back your top-ranking pages but having fewer clicks.

Check out your call to action in Your Title and Description. You can add emotional words, powerful words along with your CTA.
For example, let me write 1 title in 2 different Styles, Which Title would you click?

  • Tour Packages for India – Call XXXXXXX Today
  • 6 Top Tour Destinations You Will Want to Add in India Tour Package.

So, try to make something exciting and play with it. Check back by time if they’re working great for you.

Specify Target Pages Before Next Search Updates:

You probably heard of 2019 Google’s update about site diversity: According to Moz data, websites having 2 organic listings for a single query will be improved by Google search. This will improve user experience by showing them more views on the given topic or search query.

So, according to this, one must target one type of intent and relevant keyword in a single page and specify the content to the topics. You don’t need to worry if you’re having 2 listings, your best version will always be chosen end of the day.

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