How to Enhance Brand Reputation Even in Pandemic?

During the time when the world is fighting hard with this COVID pandemic, you get most of the news and entertainment things online using social media platforms. Either you look for a hard reaction from your friends or trying to fetch something out that makes you feel better.

While you stay at home and have a business, you can’t just sit around and look for nothing. Taking a step ahead and let’s get some work done for your business, can relax your mind and also helps your business breathe at least better than others.

The most exciting thing is you don’t need to be even scared of being failed as you’re just starting out with the right strategy and other inputs. You don’t need to be a famous person and hold millions of followers or subscribers in a short period of time. It should be focused on your business and demographic area and that makes sense.

So, let’s break the ice and learn how you’re going to get started…

Here I’m going to share,

5 Super Simple Techniques that One Can Use to Enhance Brand Awareness.

1. Guest Content

You write awesome blogs but no one knows, this isn’t going to help, right? A great way to tell your story is by sharing your valuable content on other relevant blogs.

Guest blogging has been working like charm to increase brand reputation and awareness. However, this isn’t dead simple to do, your content must be appealing, talk about something, no one is discussing. It should be informative, memorable enough.

2. Infographics

Informational Graphics Images, simply infographics are proven to be working when someone considers brand recognition. These are the easiest way to tell your business story, product information, and other information. Infographics are proven to be shared multiple times more than simple images.

There are tons of free and paid tools available from where you can create stunning infographic designs. Once you got the idea and created yours, share it in your social media community and platforms such as your social media business pages. Furthermore, you can run small paid campaigns for brand awareness.

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Story Videos

People prefer watching videos instead of reading long posts. You can create top-notch story videos such as custom whiteboard videos talking about your business and stories. It can be an interesting topic so that people take an interest and do some action.

Calling your brand name more than the general is beneficial for the video. You can outsource your content to a video maker by hiring an expert on any freelancing platforms like and get your videos done at an affordable price. If you didn’t love the outcome for some reason, you can tell them to make changes. isn’t that awesome?


Influencers are the personality of a particular industry that is known to be expert and famous as people follow them and love their work.

They can have an Instagram profile, Twitter, a blog, youtube, or any other social media accounts.

You can contact them directly or indirectly to do your brand promotion. If the influencer is a super big fan following, there is a chance, he will ignore the direct offering even it’s money.

You can contact them in a general way and talk about your work, share your articles, your thoughts, videos, etc. Sometimes you can add TAG them in your blog post, social media profiles before approaching them.


Of course, you might have the business website. So you have the controls in your hand. Whenever you get a chance to talk about your business, start writing it down. You can write about your product, services.

For more ideas, you can check out the websites and public forums related to your business, for example, quora and yahoo answers. Check out, what people are discussing? What kind of things they’re looking for? Can you answer them?

Now pick the topic or group of similar topics to combine them into one single solid article for your next blog post. You can further share this blog post URL on social media and in those places where people are discussing it.

There are a ton of ways to enhance your brand awareness. If you hire a Digital Marketing Consultant, these strategies are way easier to be done for your business. I know hiring a digital marketing person can be scary sometimes if you got the wrong guy. If you don’t know how to hire a Digital marketing consultant, please take a look at this post now.

I’ve written another blog on it already but wanted to share something that can help a person with little technical knowledge.

These practices are best for startups and for businesses that want to increase their reputation even during this pandemic.

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