In-house Vs Outsourcing

What exactly is your goal for SEO?

We’re about to discuss the In-house Vs Outsourcing SEO but we will try to understand exactly your goal and expectations from SEO. We all know SEO is a long-term strategy in marketing that can take months if not years to see the results.

– In general, our marketing goal for any activities out there is to drive qualified visitors and hence the flow of leads. SEO is committed to driving qualified leads if done with the right strategies. 

So, a few questions to brainstorm!

How much time do you think you can wait for SEO to get results?

How much approx amount do you think you will want to spend for SEO? 

Sometimes we don’t have an idea, so taking a look at how much it costs to do SEO, will answer the majority of your questions. 

Understanding the model actually

(This how In house vs Outsource work)

In-house: As the name indicates, if you hire people to work dedicatedly on your website SEO even as top SEO reseller India, you can hiring them as your in-house team. Hiring your team can have some pros and cons, we will want to talk about that too below.

Outsource: In this model, you want your work to be done by 3rd party, i.e any SEO consultant or agency. In this, all the accountability and responsibilities of the SEO work are held by that 3rd party. If the performance is not good for at least a few months, you can interrupt the deal in-between (If your contract allows you or you haven’t signed a contract with the agency)

– When you hire your SEO team, you need to understand your project size. How many resources do you think need to get your job done? 

There are tons of activities involved in SEO and you may need additional resources sometimes. 

– For example, if your website is having 100 pages and targeting 1K keywords in total you may need 3-4 members of the team, depending on their skills, experiences, and overall idea to take and finish the task.

Remote [Virtual] Team Vs On-site Team:

Corona Pandemic made us enabled to work in a virtual world. People are spending hours online, searching for their needs, getting entertained, and doing their professional work. 

In the case of On-site, you have to spend a hell lot of money for office infrastructure, rental bills, etc.

You will always get a chance to monitor employee performance, face-to-face interaction for the quick resolution of workforce issues, etc. 

On-site hiring enables you the chance to grab top results while modifying the team structure and model. isn’t that great?


– In the case of a Virtual In house team can save tons of time and expenses for an organisation but simultaneously the hassle of team monitoring for potential work delivery can bother you.

For the solution, you can choose the virtual work monitoring software like “Desktime“.

– In the case of Remote work culture you don’t have to worry about Office rent bills, tech equipment maintenance, or any other physical risk management strategies. 


Hiring is the most prominent part of the goal. If your team structure is good, i.e their internal collaboration is great, you will see the next level of productivity itself.

– Hiring for In-house is in general, tough a bit these days after the pandemic. People prefer to stick around work-life balance. 

This is super important to understand here with the example,

I was talking to someone and he expressed the happiness after hearing the news that some of Bangalore, India-based companies are already trying out 4 working days in a week

That’s More flexibility and more chances to be around your friends & family!

So, In-house hiring should be considered on the basis of:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Work-life balance
  • Perks/Surprises or any other additional privilege. 

Doesn’t seem like a hectic deal for a start-up? 

Outsourcing can solve this problem. You of course no need to worry about managing these things except monitoring your work deliveries. 

Want to hire your team online?

This can be a great idea, as:

– You don’t need to create an office structure 

– You don’t need to pay rent or office bills

– You don’t need to pay for physical/operational equipment


Well, you got the idea?

If you haven’t! Let me break it down for you…

SEO is super important for a business if you think your competitors are doing great with search engine marketing.

See if you’re a technical person and can understand the resources involved and how these will be spent over time to execute the task and come out with fruitful results, also the budget suits you, you will surely want to go with in-house team hiring. 


If you’re not that type of technical person or who doesn’t want to bother handling this stuff yourself, you should find a top SEO outsourcing company today that can understand what you’re looking for.

Hiring an outsourcing company/agency can be easier, you just need to know what to look for. You will want to check this post, I have written for a specific geo-location but applies to all. You will understand how to hire an SEO company/agency without any hassle. 

Please express your thoughts via email ! We will publish it on our social channels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, that whole lot of work to find a suitable, budget friendly, trusted SEO agency or group of individuals to work together online. But if you interview them carefully then that's possible. You can check this article

However i'll soon write another blog about how to hire virtual SEO team online based on my own experience. Stay tuned.

In some cases we don't work as employees for an individual however if you're looking for dedicated SEO team who works particularly for your business for a certain hours every single day, that's possible. For this you need to fill the details here

It will depend on the project's required bandwidth. We will first understand how much work hours and the number of allocated resources required. In general, we charge as little as $15/Hour - $60/Hour.

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