9 Reasons a Business Owner May be Skeptical About SEO?

Search engine optimization is one of the popular digital marketing strategies. You can get more information about how this strategy works for a business.

Top activities inside this SEO process are Website Audit, website On-Site SEO (On-Page SEO), Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, and CRO (It can be considered apart from this strategy).

But the way these strategies should be applied sometimes varies.

Not all the Niche, business categories are of similar types, competition varies from niche to niche, and hence results sometimes reflect sooner and sometimes it takes longer than the expected time.

Let’s discuss the reasons, why a business owner may have skeptical thinking regarding SEO.

  1. Past Experience
  2. Longer Time to see results
  3. Too expensive with no results
  4. Online Scammers
  5. No Guarantee of ROI improvement
  6. Agency doesn’t have a similar niche experience or portfolio
  7. They heard a scary story from their friends or family
  8. Doesn’t have much information about it
  9. Lack of money to pay for the services

1. Past Experience:

Even they have some information about SEO people don’t know or able to identify the right SEO agency, Company, or SEO consultant, they hire one for the business.

I’ve come across a 100s of 1000s of Freelance consultants who call them SEO expert and can start working for your project for any offered price and can show results in X month. The reason may vary why they work like that.

Once a business owner hires him, a person who is doing SEO applies little to no SEO algorithm practices, maybe just because he got little amount he won’t do proper audit, on-site and standard link building that actually needs your website in order to get ranked on search engines.

The business owner waits until the expected time and finally disqualifies after not getting any satisfactory results.

2. Longer Time to See Results:

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy. People eager to see results from the earlier days or months. It is only possible in a few niches or if you are opt-in to a Paid advertising strategy.

Sometimes agency gives an approximate time when one business owner can start seeing results and due to the nature of the service if the agency gets a failure to show the expected result, it creates bad faith in the business owner.

3. Too Expensive With no Results:

If an SEO services Company is having a great reputation but expensive. For example, a business owner opt-in and didn’t get results, it feels like money has burnt in SEO, and it’s not a great practice to keep hope to see results.

4. Online Scammers:

You never know who is good to take an SEO service from. You go to a freelance website or find a freelancer, a service provider who has everything to show you but actually a fake promise and commitment.

So, hiring a bad service may result in economic loss and breaks the trust of the client.

5. No Guarantee of ROI improvement:

ROI stands for Return of Investment. If as a business owner I’m investing my time and money, I’ll definitely expect some greater returns.

There are tons of Honest SEO services experts and agencies available out there, they commit the rank improvement, traffic improvement for your business but a few SEO Services Online also commit Guarantee of ROI improvement and that’s feasible somehow.

So, suppose if your product/service is already selling really well, you want to scale the conversion and hence you opt-in into an SEO service.

Since the product is being sold really well so that product is fine, now the strategy of marketing should be focused to enhance ROI and that’s possible only when someone optimizes your website to gain more targeted traffic. Also, he would do funnel optimization which actually comes under CRO (Conversion rate optimization) can be considered as another service.

6. Agency doesn’t have a similar niche experience or portfolio:

It’s not always possible that a Digital marketing agency, service provider, or Digital marketing agency has work experience in all niches. This is the reason business owners feel skeptical about SEO services.

7. They heard a scary story from their friends or family:

Just like others, people share their own experiences with their friends and family. If as a business owner you hear the bad experience from them, you won’t consider SEO as your next traffic strategy.

8. Doesn’t have much information about it:

I’ve come across a lot of my clients when we interacted the first time. They didn’t have information about what is SEO and how it helps to get them, new customers. First of they should have much information about a service and it should be explained by the agency or an individual SEO consultant.

Solution: A business owner needs to get information from a trusted web source, a family, or a friend who has experienced the services.

9. Lack of money to pay for the services:

Some people get started with the SEO strategy by hiring a good SEO service but after a few months, they stop paying the monthly retainer due to personal or any reason. In this condition, they stop working on it. As a business owner, first, identify the right strategy to work with. Check your expense strength according to the strategy then only hire someone for your SEO requirement.


As said earlier, there are tons of service providers sitting around and ready to serve you. You’re the person who has to choose the right candidate within your budget.

You can take a look at my article, “How to hire an SEO consultant“, which can help you decide the right candidate.

Here are few more points to consider if you’re already tried someone and haven’t got anything so far as a result.

– Start doing brainstorm, Should you actually hire an SEO person?

Ans- No, if you can’t wait a long while to see the outcome. YES, if you know something or have little knowledge of SEO and don’t want to practice on your own website.

– What is your budget? How long can you wait to see results?

Ans- Believe me or not! SEO is really frustrating sometimes when you don’t have enough budget & time. I suggest asking someone who has a similar business in your city or another city and has already got results. You can ask these on forums etc if you don’t know anyone.You can call multiple SEO agencies or a service provider to estimate the cost average and compare the packages.

– What is your target market? Is your product/service reliable enough to compare to others?

Ans- Identify your target market, age group, product choice, audience affinity, demographic area, etc.


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