PPC Expert in Delhi, INDIA

PPC Expert in Delhi

Facebook & Google Ads Expert in Delhi, INDIA

Get On-Demand Leads & Traffic With Google Ads & Facebook PPC

Millions of business across the globe is using PPC to reach the top of the echelon that is Google top ranking. It is the foundation stone of brand visibility. Whenever you see the yellow colour ad on Google page, it is shown due to PPC. Every time customer clicks on those ads, owner pays for per click to the Google.

Every search engine is selling the space for advertising and business is willing to pay to get on the top. We at Scorsh provide Pay per click management services at affordable price. We understand the business needs and with our expertise, we can effectively manage PPC campaign. One cannot manage PPC alone, you need expertise. You are at the right place if you are seeking for PPC services to grow the business.

  • On Demand Traffic Boost & ROI Increment
  • Landing Page Design & Optimization
  • Reverse Engineering & Ads Copywriting
  • Get High Clicks By Paying Less
  • Get Lead & Traffic Without Waiting Weeks
  • On Demand PPC Report

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Paid Ads Services

Who Need Paid Ads Services?

Look one who owns local, national or global business can use Paid ads services such as Google ads (Google adwords), facebook ads etc. You can get inbound or outbound leads with the help of paid ads on demand.

If you don't wanna wait months to see results as happens in most cases of SEO, you can hire a ppc consultant immidiately to run ads for you.

I currently can run 3 type of Ads

Learn What Do We Do in PPC Management

We think you also need to know about the process that we do in PPC ads management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone that has a little knowledge can set up and run the ads campaigns but if you take professional PPC management service that can optimize your campaign to get maximize clicks, traffic & conversion. The ads process can be complex, frustrating and exhausting for a little to no knowledge person and hence we suggest to hire a PPC expert instead of doing yourself.
There is no spending limit on ads platforms however a minimum or standard budget depends on the campaign type and platforms. In the case of Google ads, it depends on a number of keywords and their cost per click, demographic area, and different targeting options. We start with a standard budget that suits the campaign type and also your pocket.
It totally depends on your business type, niche and where your target audiences are. In case you're not able to decide which platform is profitable, we can research or test the things and let you know.
PPC model is a quick results-driven so once we set up your campaign and get ads approval from the associated platform, you can start experience traffic, clicks flow. In some cases if the ads don't go live or pending for approval, it can take up to 24- 72 hours or more.
Yes, of course, once your ads campaign started showing ads and got some data, a report can be delivered on-demand. However, we send a weekly report in general.
That depends on the campaign type and platform but we strongly recommend you to use at least a single page (landing page) website to show your ads. You can contact us to know more.