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Rock Solid Untapped Tips To Grow Your Instagram Page

In this world of bustle and biz, connections are precious. Since the technological revolution, social media has become a medium for making new connections. It’s the fastest-growing community on the planet. Instagram is the name that generally comes to our mind when we think of the word ‘Social Media’.

We know how powerful apps like Instagram can be if it is used properly. Especially for business purposes. We compiled some facts and stats to let you guys know How to grow your Instagram page and how one can use it as the Xcaliber of social media marketing.


Social media is the biggest community in the world and it is expanding exponentially. Here is a compilation of some advantages which might be beneficial to grow a business even faster.

1. Expanding Community:

 Instagram has over a billion users and it’s still expanding. According to a survey, over 60% of them are daily Instagram users that means near about 600 million people use Instagram every day. The perk of having such a big and ever-growing community is it is easier to show them your product. Every day new users are joining Instagram which means new potential costumers are joining in and some of them are sure on this platform to buy anything.

2. User Engagement:

Apps like Instagram usually engaging due to the variety of contents. The more number of users getting engaged in this kind of thing the higher the chances to sell them your product. Your product can be advertised via short videos or attractive features that can easily be noticed. This kind of content is a great stage to engage people towards your product and making a profit from it. We know that these apps have many active users so the ads can be circulated through user’s feed for an easier reach.

3. Endorsements and Promotions:

People often try to find their way out via Instagram. They follow influencers, celebrities, vloggers to whom they aspire. This can be quite useful if used properly. One can hire a blogger or an influencer to promote their product. The effect of this move is massive. A big number of the mass are heavily influenced by these people so they are more likely to purchase the product they are promoting.

Purchasing Power of Instagram:

 Everyday sales are important to keep a business growing and Instagram can be the place to make it happen. About one-fourth of the total user are using Instagram just to buy new products. If you can develop an app that can show business ads more fluently it will be easier to sell a product than to sell it in a market.


You can trace a user’s behavior to show them a classified ad. For example, if a man watches smartphone videos and reads gadget reviews there is a high probability that he/she is willing to buy one. The app will show them the ads based on their interests so the chances of sale will be higher.

 One must abide by some rules and strategies to earn from Instagram. We have compiled here some of those you might find handy.


                Knowing the demand of the mass is very crucial. By tracking the activity of a user we can easily assume what kind of product he/she must be interested in. By researching the public demands we can assume the interest of a certain are and can display ads likewise.

Business profiles:

                Creating a business profile to boost up your business is a no brainer. First of all, you need to update the profile bio which may help you to look more professional. You need to keep on posting quite often and with relevant content that people are interested in. You must put stories more often to attract more people. A well-handled business profile can get a good reach.

Tracing The Analytics:

 Hashtags are trump cards when it comes to enhancing your profile reach. Using relevant hashtags can be beneficial. For example, if you use #business in your post then your post may be visible to those people also who are just searching for business-related stuff not particularly the that you are selling. The Instagram analytic tool is a handy thing when it comes to keeping an eye on the insights of the past or how many people have seen the post. You can change the hashtags accordingly and Voila! You can now instantly reach more people just by tweaking a little in your post.


 Influencers and celebrities have the max number of followers on Instagram. The netizens are highly influenced by them so making paid promotions makes sense. Not only paid promotions tying up with renowned companies can be handy too as they have more potential buyers and they have people’s faith. In this world of the internet it is not easy to earn the faith of the people because there are too many frauds out there, these influencers or companies can do this job for you. 

Giving followers priority:

                Nothing can attract a buyer more than offers. Introducing ‘Only Followers’ offers can be a great strategy to pull the crowd.

More people will follow your account and the profit will be higher. Replying fast to the followers and providing them the best service will create goodwill for your company and the fastest way to grow your business is by a follower. A satisfied customer will recommend your company to his/her circle. 


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How to Reach More People on Instagram?

Sometimes people have some good potential in their product but they fail to sell just because of low reach. Here are some tips to reach more people on Instagram.

  1. Scheduled postings:

                 If you are using a business profile you can use the analytic tool to know when the maximum number of your followers is online. That will be the peak time to post some new content. It will eventually increase the post and profile insight which will lead you to better sales profit.


2. Using videos and stories:

                Making short yet impactful videos. Videos are a great medium to get the quick and long-lasting attention of the viewers. Posting videos that are relevant yet easily understandable by netizens are very much effective. Stories are also a great option as they are short yet impactful medium. Going live on Instagram can also be a great option as every follower gets a personalized notification for it.

3. Curate user-generated content:

                The Instagram algorithm tends to prioritize those posts with whom you have a good relation. Building a good relationship with a user will help you to get your post higher on their feed. For example, you are most likely to see the post of the people you often chat with before others. If you start following someone new his/her post starts to get priority then. It may seem a little bit complicated but with time it becomes more familiar.

4. Use Instagram Generated Ads and Postless:

                Instagram has a feature called Instagram ads where you can put your classified ad for a better reach. You can customize your ad as per your requirement and by paying the ad fee you can now reach more people easily.  It’s better to post one great content a day than posting 20 bad content a day. If the content has quality quantity becomes a secondary aspect only. Posting the same thing multiple times will bring monotony to your account. New visitors to your profile may find it very unattractive. 

5. Profile Organising:

                The first impression lefts off a long-lasting impact especially when you Re into the business. Your business profile must have a professional outlook to appeal to the new visitors regarding your product.

Using highlights and stories to differentiate between products and updating them with new launches is essential when you are Organising your profile. Posting less and keeping up with the variation to cut down the monotony is also needed. If you follow a layout while posting the profile wall will look more sophisticated and new visitors of your profile are most likely to have a great 1st impact on your business.  

Bottom line:

Many of us may have a concept that social media is a vile place and that’s true to an extent but if it is used correctly it can be very useful. Utilizing the features correctly, and building the connections likewise can help you to achieve your goals. Your profile on social media reflects you. You become what you share. It’s all up to you and what path you choose. The start of Greatness is always one step away. So, when are you taking your first step? Start Today.


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