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SEO Strategies 2021 & Ahead?

SEO Strategies 2021 & Ahead: SEO is something dynamic and it keeps changing.


That’s not important how it’s changed; the question is why it Keeps changing?

According to google trends, SEO data is moving up and people are more tend to use it as the next digital marketing solution.

But the question why Google keeps changing its algorithm while SEO is being popular?

Search engines like Google are more tend to look at user experience, At the end of the day if they maintain user experience, people will get more exact experience from the listed websites, and search engines will keep getting/generating traffic.

We all know Google earns most of its revenue from ads and if it would not get traffic their revenue system might get compromised.

Google core and some other algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Mobile-first index, and most important RANK BRAIN are all used to enhance user experience in different indirect ways.

[su_highlight background=”#ffdc99″]So, what is the most important factor to get ranked?[/su_highlight]

Again, that’s not 100% clear unless you’re head of the department of search engine algorithms. It’s all about implementations and what worked for SEO Services decides the core factors of ranking.

However, we must talk about a couple of things that we personally experienced after working on almost 300+ Websites so far with years of experience.

Let’s start with,

Which SEO Strategies 2021 Works?

1. Domain Name and Age:

Have you heard of EMDs, exact match domains? Probably yes but for those who don’t know, an acronym of EMD is Exact Match Domain.

For example, your website deals with shoes and you have a showroom in Delhi. If you don’t bother about branding instead of getting traffic really quickly, you may wanna choose the keyword “shoe showroom in Delhi”, So in the case of EMD, when you buy the domain for you, you will buy “” or something that exactly matches as your keyword.

In this case, you’re limiting yourself to target a few keywords for better SEO.

Another hand, the Search engine considers Domain age medium level ranking factor means more aged your domain will be, more priority will be given. That’s way simple, right?

2. Website Security:

Website security is recently given weight by search engines. Think about it, if you’re visiting a website and a message you see “This website is not secure” or something similar, you may press the back button.

It was prioritized because of the increasing number of online transactions being made by people. This number is increasing day by day.

So, if we maintain the website secure, it will be much easier for the user to decide whether he can make a purchase. We can use HTTPS instead of HTTP rules to encrypt any transaction on the website.

Who loves a slow website to surf?


A slow website delivers a bad user experience and as I stated Google relates almost everything related to user experience.

Website Speed depends on multiple factors like Code implementation, Technology of the website, Image format and sizeServer speed or response time, etc.

So, once you work towards speed optimization, you’re literally powering up your website for better ranking.

4. Mobile friendly:

Another major factor in SEO Strategies is Mobile friendly structure. As the name indicates, mobile-friendly websites are seemed to be ranking high for the past couple of years. Why?

Earlier people had less internet access on mobile devices and hence people had less chance to open a website.

mobile-friendly website is not only important for websites that are targeting local customers but also for international or national traffic targeting websites. The next SEO Strategies is one of the Tops among SEO aspects.

5.Content Development:

Content is always the king of everything. Text is not the only content we’re talking about. If you have informative content that generates engagement among the readers; It can be text, video, or an infographic?

I loved the idea stated by backlinko guy, he has introduced the idea of Share Triggers.

[su_highlight background=”#99fcff”]Share triggers are the elements within the content that force people to share your content as much as possible.[/su_highlight]

Isn’t that cool?

Enticing content development takes time but it worth the time investment and works every time

For this, you can add attractive images, relevant and unique informative infographics, or an animated video?

“Visual information works faster and last for a long time for the human mind”

I have seen using frequently asked questions in service pages enhance 190% of your conversion.

What is the reason?

Sometimes people don’t have time to check out the whole page; meanwhile, they can get the idea from that chunk of information. The next SEO Strategies are more important too like Backlinks.

6. Backlinks:

Backlinks are the 3rd most powerful ranking signal, we all know, right?

We also know about relevancy and trust is the most important thing to keep in mind while building backlinks.

Creating a do-follow comment link and placing your content in social media is an old SEO school method. It’s 2019-20 when the system works with Artificial intelligence.

You can’t beat it, right?

So, what should we do?

As I observed, earning backlinks is a great idea. You create something sharable (as I discussed above). You can somehow do manual outreach to get the most effective links online.

Manual outreach takes the hell out of time but a single backlink works better than 10s of 1000s of low-quality links. Make sense, right?

I suggest you consider Backlinks placement. An in-content link has more power than a link in the footer or sidebar area of a website.

To check out more backlinks information, stay tuned!

7. User Experience & CTR

I have been explaining, end of the day we’re going to deal with User Experience…let me drill it down even more and tell you the complete user behavior life cycle.

For example, you search a query in Google. In the next 2 seconds, you already have decided which link to click at first.

The link you clicked has got improved CTR performance

But what next?

Have you found what you were searching for? If YES, Google will reward that site by improving its organic position for the search query you typed.

If you returned back to check out another page, It creates a negative impact on that site since Google understands, the site is not giving away the necessary information people are searching for. Result in it degrades the organic search position of that website

Do you know, Google literally records every user activity to know about search behavior to enhance its search algorithm?

If you’re SEO savvy, you probably know about the Bounce rate and Exit rate and you understand what I meant to say here.

So, overall tracking user activity and behavior of your website and content development are the two most important parts for Search engine optimization in 2019 and further.

People understand SEO as a 100% technical or theoretical thing. However, in my point of view, it’s 20% technical and 80% logical.

Everyone who is SEO savvy knows the basic ranking factor or basic SEO Strategies. But if you implement SEO in a logical way, it can get you exponential time benefits.

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