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How to Increase Brand Awareness and Avoid Pitfalls?

Brand Awareness: Do you have a business and you already set up your web presence?

Do you think people remember brands? A brand can be a market leader for a particular niche or category. For example, You wanna buy a TV, you have your brands already in your mind like SONY, SAMSUNG, etc.

How did they create a master plan to achieve their brand strategy? Not all but a few things that I’ll be discussing with you today via this blog post.

So, How to Increase Brand Awareness?

  • Traditional Marketing Approach
  • Commercial Advertising
  • Digital Advertising

Let’s do a quick reverse analysis. For example, pick up your brand in any category, where do you see their existence? In TV? In a Newspaper?, Blog? A Facebook Ad? Almost everywhere, right?

They’re utilizing the power of Offline as well as online marketing sources. They use a 360 marketing approach. and anything else? who knows! Enough talk!

You would say, hey! they’re having a hell of lot of money to spend over and over again for marketing!

yes, that’s true but most of the businesses don’t opt for these wide options all at once, that’s true too and that’s the thing we need to know.

Where should you start?

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There is no certain point to get started, Few things I’ll be breaking down right here, check em out.

1. Traditional Marketing Approach:

Have you seen a poster and holdings advertising? of course, you have. These are the most traditional and old master methods to advertise. Advertising doesn’t mean direct profit always. This type of advertising costs a lot due to the physical existence of the advertising medium.

2. Commercial Advertising:

Commercials like TV advertising commercials are the most preferred way to reach out to the target audience mostly adopted by big businesses. Radio, newspaper, and TV advertising has a large audience reach than any other.

Meanwhile, they now come under the daily routines of the people out there. The medium which is most close to the audience makes a large difference in advertising and awareness.

3. Digital Advertising:

You may wanna start with Digital sources as they can be useful and enough for your 1st stage traffic.

Open your notebook and now you may wanna mark sources/platforms where your target customers are available. It can be an Instagram page or other social media channels.

Distribute your amount for each marketing asset you’re going to spend. (Here I’m considering you don’t have any Digital assets like your website or a YouTube channel?)

Step by step platform setup and asset creation will work in a proper way since you will not want to be messed up.

Another option is to discuss with an expert SEO consultant or Service providers to create a complete business growth roadmap.

Brand Awareness By Web Presence:

Brand Awareness By Web Presence
Brand Awareness worldwide

Start from your Brand Name. Start researching your brand name. It can be on the basis of your business nature or as per your personal assumption?

A) Online Assets:

An online presence is only possible via online assets.
The most important online assets are your website or business blog, your social media account & platforms.

Let’s start with the website: When you’re about to start with your website, make sure you have a decent domain name that directly represents your business and brand.

  • A standard domain length should be 12 characters
  • The domain name should be easy to remember
  • The domain name must be easy to spell

Before buying any domain name, check out if your brand/domain name is not violating any copyright or trademark rules. End of the day, you will not want to lose the domain name and the business in some cases, right?

For more information, a suggestion from a cyber or Internet attorney/expert would be advisable.

Once you have your domain name registered. It’s time to create a tremendous design to attract many eyeballs. Hire a web designer from your locality or anywhere you want.

It’s time to set up your social assets while your website is getting ready.

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B) Social Assets:

To start a comprehensive online exposure, social media channels play a vital role, and hence Start setting up your social channels for your business.

Make sure you keep the Page URL the same as your brand name. It creates more trust. For example, if my business name is ABC Consulting while creating a Facebook FAN page.

I’d keep the Page name, profile name, and URL the same as my business, like

sometimes you won’t be allowed to keep your URL as per your business due to unavailability,

you can still make some changes in the URL something like , I just added “S” in the last.

Content Marketing & PR Announcement:

Social & PR

I also suggest creating local or global brand awareness via other platforms as they’re proven to make a large difference in brand awareness. You can use the power of content marketing along with press releases to talk about your business and what it does.

Start creating your brand and digital awareness today. Want a quick answer? email via Contact channels.

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