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Keyword Research For Affiliate Marketing – 6 Rock Solid Tips

Affiliate marketing is a superb way to create a passive income stream in your career.

To understand Keyword Research we will need to understand a couple of definitions of it.

A search term refers to a term or word for which a website or any web property wants to rank in search engines. And the strategy one follows to find useful terms is called keyword analysis or research.

In affiliate marketing, you have a lot of opportunities since you have many platforms to work with. You can get the core concept of Affiliate Marketing in this blog.

What I mean to say is, for different Niches, there are different ways to do keyword research. I’ll try to point of the most popular ones in this article.

In this post, I’m going to talk about general keyword research for Affiliate Marketing, a simple way to do Keyword research for Clickbank & Keyword Research for the Amazon affiliate programs.

General Keyword research for affiliate marketing consists of 6 Solid steps:

  1. Niche Selection
  2. Manual Brainstorming
  3. Seed Keyword Segmentation
  4. Pick Buyers Intent
  5. Keep the Competitive Ones for Later
  6. Keyword Difficulty & Finalization

Let’s dive into the process that I personally like to do one by One.

1. Niche Selection:

Niche selection is very important in the very first step of keyword selection. A Niche is actually a category of a product or service that defines its identity. For example, “Weight loss” is related to the HEALTH niche, and “Affiliate marketing” is somehow related to Make Money Online, isn’t it?

One can categorize affiliate marketing for two types of products. One is tangible and the other is intangible products/services.

2. Manual Brainstorming:

So in this step, you already have decided your niche and ready to list out your keywords and start doing brainstorming.

Suppose my Niche is “Affiliate Marketing”, and so I’m going to list out all possible ways to find out the perfect keyword for my article.

Let me ask you, how many areas affiliate marketing can have?

Many, right!


Affiliate Marketing Platforms, Ways to Drive Traffic, Different tangible or intangible product categories, etc.

So, now I can filter out different keywords as per the different affiliate marketing areas.

3. Seed Keyword Segmentation:

In simple words, SEED keywords are the very first generic words that can further generate 10s or 100s of related keywords.

For example, “Keyword Research” is my SEED keyword.

I’d like to go with free tools to gather my SEED keyword ideas like ubersuggest


As you can see, I simply dropped my seed keyword in the keyword area. Make sure you set your targeted country from the drop-down list beside the keyword area.

I’d now download the keyword ideas from here for further examination.
I only have the motto to collect maximum keyword(s) ideas from my seed keywords from different resources for now.

The next free tool that I use is a Chrome Extension, Keyword Surfer.

When you search Google, this extension explores ideas with monthly volumes like this.

Keyword Surfer-1


And This,

Keyword Surfer-2

Again, I’d collect all these ideas and filtered them according to the keyword similarities for a clear segment and the same intent keywords.

Now, many think Longtails keyword(s) still recommended choosing as the first priority, that’s not 100% true. I’ve seen some best results in medium tails and even some short length keywords.

If you’re going to use YouTube videos to promote products, I’d suggest you using a perfect tool, that’s



I found this tool works amazingly for video SEO.

Note: Don’t be confused about other terms in the given images like CPC, PD, SD, trend, and Similarity, etc. Just ignore them for now.

4. Pick Buyers Intent:

A buyer intent keyword can be a term that reflects the user’s mentality towards buying something instant or in the near future. Isn’t that awesome if you already know that?

So, here is a quick example of a generic keyword & buyer intent keyword.

Suppose I want some information about a laptop which I’d buy if I would have money. In this condition, I’m just looking for information, not in the mood to buy now, right?

So I’d search, “Best Graphics Laptop

Now, if I already have the money and want to buy now, I’d search “Top 10 graphics laptops in under $1000” or “best place to buy graphics laptop”

Got the idea?


5. Keep the Competitive Ones for Later:

Now the term that comes here is Keyword Difficulty or Keyword competition.

I keep my process way simple, I’d choose medium to long-tail terms at first to target. Once I get them in SERP, my website would also get some authority, age & trust that means it’s ready to rank even more difficult keywords

To get some about keyword difficulty, I always recommend working with Paid SEO tools such as ahrefs & Semrush.

6. Keyword Difficulty & Finalization

I’d like to go with ahrefs for the time as I got some extra ideas from it other than any tool out there. They have more information in different segments of keyword & competitor research and much more.


As you can see in the picture above, I put my SEED keyword and set up the country and hit search. You can check YouTube/Amazon Tab as well for other niche-based affiliate marketing keyword research


In the second picture above, we have many options on the left-hand side. You can check them out as well. But I’d like to go with Phrase match keyword ideas.

After clicking the phrase match keyword options, you can see many terms.


KD- Stands for Ahrefs’s Keyword Difficulty. Each SEO tool has different stats and a way to identify keyword difficulty.

If you ask me, I really don’t rely on one tool. It’s all about testing different tools for different niches but I found ahrefs and semrush worked best for me.

See, I have chosen KD between 0-10, as I’m considering we’re going to work with a brand new website which doesn’t have any trust, age & authority. Hence it can’t handle out even medium-hard terms.

This is a 3rd party tool so, don’t worry about the volume hence I picked a keyword having a minimum of 100 traffic. As I said earlier, word count refers to the number of words in your keyword, here I have selected keywords greater than 4 words in it.

This way, I’m choosing long-tail search terms only which have a lower difficulty level and at least have some traffic.

Clickbank Keyword Research

Many People start their affiliate marketing journey from Clickbank and it’s one of the most trusted platforms to start with and go to the next level.

Let’s see how simple is to find a great product in Clickbank to promote even you are a newbie or have a new blog/website to start with.

Here, I’ll select the products which are about to arrive or just arrived in the marketplace since we don’t want any competition, for now, right?


Go to “Marketplace” after you logged in to your affiliate account.

Click the “Advanced search” option in the above image.



Once you jumped to the above page, select your category/niche you may wanna start with as Clickbank is full of digital products in various categories.


In the above picture, you can see “billing type”. It means you can select this option to find out a product that charges a single time/one-time amount. So you get your commission for one time too. If you select products that charge recurring amounts, you get your certain percentage of commission every time they pay recurring amounts to vendors.

Vendor Activation Date:

It is important for you to understand. It is the date range when a vendor activated/placed its product in the marketplace of Clickbank for the first time.

You need to check the option and set the time from the day you search to back 2-3 months. That’s enough!

This means you will retrieve products which are kept 2-3 months before from the date you’re searching and hence they’re new products. right?

This way you can start working with Clickbank Affiliate Program. Once you get some authority & build trust, you can choose tougher keywords/products.

Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research

Amazon is the largest eCommerce giant on earth as of now. They have billions of Physical & Digital products in different categories. Amazon has its own affiliate program and most importantly, it’s super popular among beginners to advanced affiliate persons out there.

I’m gonna tell you a few methods to do amazon affiliate keywords research that I used and it went pretty well.

Amazon Best Seller Method:

Go to Amazon Best Seller here.

Remember the Clickbank formula that we did previously? Select the new arrivals?

Let’s do the same thing on Amazon too.


We have several departments/categories of products that we want to promote, right?

Almost all products here are well-performing and high rated by customers in the Amazon marketplace and hence kept here in Amazon’s best sellers section.

Jump to the “New Release section” you want to work with.

Remember the Clickbank formula that we did previously? Select the new arrivals?

Let’s do the same thing on Amazon too.

I jumped to the Desktop section and picked up any of them. Here I picked this “Periphio Gaming Desktop” for example.


Now,  take a look here,

I put this “Periphio Gaming Desktop” (Without Double Quote) term in Google search and found opportunities to work with.


And this one too,


Here, these two URLs are ranking in the top 10. The number 4th is a Pinterest profile related to the topic and number 8th is a new website and has less authority & links of the ranking URL.

This is a kind of green signal for selecting the right keyword.

Hopefully, you got enough information about affiliate marketing & how to do keyword research for it. This article is beneficial for a newbie to the medium-level marketer. I’ll update more advanced strategies on Scorsh News not only related to keyword research but also about different Digital marketing things.

If you loved this article, share it with your friends and colleagues. Keep learning with SEO Consultant in India. For more updates like this. If you have any questions, drop your comment down below.

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