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15 Advanced Link Building Techniques 2021

Link Building is a difficult process and there is no way we can sugarcoat it!

Isn’t that sound weird?

Let’s dive into these 15 Top advanced Link Building Techniques 2021.

The correct definition of backlinks…!

So, What are backlinks?

Link Building Techniques

Backlinks are the links on the web that allows you to jump from one website to another website through a link given on the first website. They are termed inbound links or one-way links or incoming links. In simple words, a link that links one website to others. “Incoming links” are those which comes from other website’s page to your web pages and reversely when we create links on our web pages that directs to other web pages then it will be referred as outbound or outgoing link.

Search engines like Google and others take backlinks as a vote for a particular page. If your backlinks profile will be of great Quality & Relevancy, high-ranking positions in organic searches will be granted.

Backlinks are generally added because other websites need your content to be shown which can only be possible when your content is worthy to be posted on their website.

Your content must be useful from the user point of view, or for a particular group of audience, that’s why it is being shared on other pages. It also gives a sense of motivation to provide good content too.

How do backlinks work?

Backlinks also called hyperlinks can be in the form of image or text which we call the anchor image and anchor text respectively and when you click on that anchor text or anchor image it will redirect you be to a new page. It would not wrong to call backlinks as the backbone of a website because somehow they do ensure a sustainable business.

When backlinks redirect from one page to another it counts as an upvote for the website which has received an inbound link. And just like this, when websites get too many backlinks from several websites, it will become more authoritative and that results in a higher rank on a search engine.

Advanced Link Building Techniques you can easily use:

[su_highlight background=”#ffe799″]Although there are no specific ways of building genuine links to your website you can surely try some newly evolving ways to get backlinks to your website. You can use these advanced white hat SEO techniques to get backlinks without many expenses. Here we have listed some techniques. Come, have a look.[/su_highlight]

Link Reclamation:

Link Reclamation is one of the easiest ways of advanced link building tactics available today. The idea behind link reclamation is to find, fix, and replace broken links of your website or get back the link that once existed for your website but is now removed.

The first process involved in reclaiming lost links is finding the broken external or internal links to your website.

Link reclamation ensures that your website doesn’t lack in SEO due to broken links, fault URLs, or moved pages. The process lets you identify your defective web pages, pages with duplicate content, issues causing problems in site navigation, or errors persisting in your internal linking.

There are various ways of finding broken links. You can even use Google Alerts.

Broken Link Building:

Broken Link Building is more like the Link Reclamation strategy with a difference that it considers all the broken links across the web pointing to your website.

It is an advanced technique of link building in which you find all the broken links and recreate the version of that dead content. Then you need to reach out to all the webmasters who have linked to the dead content and ask them to link the pages to the newly created version.

Broken Link Building is important because of who would like to have dead links to their website. Broken links act as a roadblock in your revenue generation and conversion rate. It also increases your bounce rate and hence your google ranking.

You can use Google Chrome Extension to identify all the broken links to your webpage.

If you find any Internal Broken Links to your webpage, it becomes quite easy to fix it. Just by moving the old links to the newly created resource, you can fix your internal broken link.

If you find an external broken link to your webpage, it takes time to fix them. If you do not have any idea, you can hire an SEO expert who can help you with this.

Resource link building

A resource Link Building is a practice of building backlinks from a resource page linking to your web page.

To make it clear: A resource page is a webpage that enlists all the helpful links for various external web pages stating information about a particular topic or a niche. For example, a website of Indian Cuisines food blog would have a resource page with links to the best Indian Food recipe pages.

If you have a webpage or a resource that can fit into a resource page you know, you can easily get your page’s link listed on the resource page.

you do not need to twist anyone’s arm for that, you just need to mail them telling about your webpage that fits their resource page stressing about what services your business offers to the user. Even many resource pages have a “Suggest a Resource” link, you can use that link and get yourself a backlink.


Another successful SEO Link Building Technique that helps in attracting good quality links and hence enhance your revenue growth.

The idea behind the ego-bait tactic is appealing to an Influencer’s ego to whom you want your website to be linked. Although various link-building techniques target a large audience the Ego Bait lets you target a specific domain or more of a personal approach.

When you tag an influencer on a piece of content you are encouraging them to read your posts and maybe they link that post to their website. Ego Bait works in a way where influencers get connected with website owners and they link the services in their account which builds a sense of trust among customers.

For example, website owners can take interviews with Influencers asking them about their experience with your service. It gives an ego boost to the influencer and they would obviously be happy to share their interview on social media hence get you a backlink.

Why not turn your mentions into the backlinks?

Link Building Techniques 2020

Turning mentions into backlinks is by far one of the easiest ways of gaining new backlinks to your website. For example, someone mentioned you on a website or in any answer/comment but they haven’t linked that mention to your website. In that case, you can contact that webmaster and ask them to change that mention into a link directed to your website.

There are various tools to find mentions on your website. You can use Link Research Tools like SERP Research Tool (SERP), Backlink Profiler (BLP), etc.

Some simple link building ideas:

Do not hesitate in asking for a Backlink

Ask for the link

Find a website first from which you can ask for help, it can be someone new or a friend or a family person who runs a website with blogs. Make sure you offer some great content to them so they can’t deny your proposal, after all, they too are looking for some good resources.

It is a good practice for a newbie, now when you have selected someone, reach out to them sincerely without spamming them and ask them to add your link somewhere in content instead of the sidebar. Also, make sure that you get a link from only those website that belongs to your industry, otherwise, it won’t ever reach to the target audience.

Build your connection:


Build connection

It is important to build a connection in your niche. Join groups on Facebook, communities of your industry, forum, social groups, blogs, and other platforms that belong to the same niche that you belong to.

You can start with a small contribution, such as posts and blogs, or showing your presence by indulging in activities like commenting relevantly or get involved in discussion with some valuable thoughts. By doing such activities you might get a few backlinks and if not, you will be making a good connection with people of your industry, and also you will be aware of the latest news related to the industry.

Write some genuine testimonial:

genuine testimonial

It’s a great way to get some backlinks to your site by writing a testimonial on a website. Remind yourself about the product and service you are using, time to write a testimonial for them, use this as an opportunity to get a backlink. You can email them about how satisfied you are with their services and want to give a testimonial, do not ask for a backlink directly.

This is an innovative way to get backlinks and customer trust, once you get a backlink from their site, you can see an increase in website traffic. And yes it is a far much better approach than asking backlinks directly.

Start a Blog Page:

Blog Page

If you don’t have any blogs on your website then it’s time to write, but don’t stop after writing 1-2 blogs. It won’t help you if you stop after a few writings, always keep the blog page alive, you can post one blog on a weekly basis. And the blog you are posting should be matched with your industry, write relevant data that should be useful for viewers. when you continue offering good content, people will start linking it and share it on other platforms too.

Put your site in trustworthy directories

trustworthy directories


You can always list your website on online directories which are called business listings or business directories. It is one easy way to create links and get traffic to your website.

However, there are many useless directories too which will give you no profit as they are useless for internet users. Some of them are even excluded by Google, therefore check them before you list your website, don’t list your website on such sort directories.

The customers on directories look for businesses that are useful for them, and if you have listed your website, you are increasing your website’s visibility to those customers. Directories that are providing information for an industry that your website belongs to would be a good option. By this, you can not only get backlinks but also the advantage of offering information to your type of customers. It will help your web pages to get indexed over search engines result in your higher ranking in search results.

How about writing a guest post? 🙂

SEO Copywriting

Guest posting also known as guest blogging refers to write a blog/article/post/content on another website that is relevant to your blog topic. Other websites accept this act because it benefits them as well. It is advantageous for both parties. So here is another way you find here- feature someone’s else blog on your website! isn’t it great?

But when you write a guest blog don’t brag about yourself and how good your company’s products and services are. The blog should be offering great content that is useful, well structured, and professional(can even hire someone professional). Last but not least, do not write anything irrelevant, it can impact badly your website and down your ranking.

Social Influencer:

Influencer Marketing

A great way to promote your brand and product is through a social influencer. The approach is considered by many businesses and marketers these days. Social media marketing mainly emphasizes sales by promoting their product as much as they can. It has now become very popular these days where you can endorse your brand or product by an influencer who has a great number of followers on various social media platforms.

But this is quite expensive when a person has a huge number of followers, they charge a lot. And if you are a small company with a tight budget then choose micro-influencers as they charge less, they too have huge followers but in the range of 100000. They will write for your brand and products, share on their various public pages, which will catch thousands of eyes.

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