15 Rock Solid SEO Techniques Only Used By Experts

SEO is one of the most crucial and prime factors that can significantly help you in increasing your website’s organic traffic. It also helps in building your brand image online and enhances your brand visibility.

The way you are searching for some content online, the same way there is a huge chunk of internet audience looking for some information and content. By answering the questions of such users, you can increase your website’s organic traffic.

These are the most effective SEO techniques that have been using by top SEO agencies out there.

According to a report by Hubspot, almost 80% of the traffic for a website is generated by a search query. So by making your website SEO-friendly, you can get many potential customers

Is SEO Optimized Website Affect Revenue Generation?

Here we are mentioning some of the advanced SEO techniques you can use to rank your website amongst the first few search results. Getting visitors to your website would help you get potential customers and hence greater revenue.

SEO is one of the most important things to get your website to appear on search results. SEO is not as simple as it seems. There are many advanced and in-depth techniques that are only used by experts. These advanced techniques can help you in outshining your business in Google SERP. These SEO techniques are rock-solid and will gain traffic for you despite ever-changing SEO algorithms.

Advanced SEO Techniques only used by SEO Experts

1. Write Long Posts

Content is King of SEO and there is no denial of this very fact. Every SEO expert must have told you about the importance of the quality of content. Undoubtedly it has a major impact on the ranking of your blog because with good content you can tell your audience and search engines about the products and services your business deals in.

The content should convey everything and should answer the entire question related to your products. To make your content powerful and SEO-friendly, the length of the content can’t be ignored. If you cover a topic in-depth in your post then Google will automatically rank your post higher than others.

But to make this technique highly effective, you need to make a balance between the quality and the length of the content. A highly balanced article is expected to rank on top of search results.

2. Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors that directly affect the website’s SEO. Getting good quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority increases your credibility.

You can easily generate high-quality backlinks by using guest blogging. But make sure that your website is not linked with any spammy websites as this can decrease your SEO rankings.

3. Use Social Media

Social Media is the ultimate weapon to get lots of traffic to your blog and to generate backlinks. But most beginners think that Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the only social media platforms.

But what makes experts drive more traffic is the usage of less popular platforms such as Medium, Quora, and SlideShare. These SEO techniques will help you build your network and generate credibility.

4. Make Content RankBrain Friendly

RankBrain is an algorithm used by Google to deliver more relevant search results to its users. When you search for anything on Google, RankBrain tries to understand your query like a human using machine learning techniques.

If you optimize your content for RankBrain SEO then you can generate loads of organic traffic. To get success with RankBrain SEO you need to use medium tail keywords and write content focusing on the search intent of the user.

5. Internal Linking

Your main aim should be to engage users for a long time on your website. The best way to keep your users engaged is to link all your web pages and articles of the website internally. The main benefit of interlinking or internal links is that it organizes the content structure and makes it easy for Google to crawl the bot to crawl through your content. It will also help you to generate traffic from your old posts.

6. Update Old Content Regularly

It is very important to keep improving your existing content. Because the content becomes obsolete in some time. Many topics go irrelevant after some months of the writing of the article, for example, if you have written about recharge plans and after some time the plans got changed, this will create a negative impact on your visitor.

Updating your website content helps you to create a fresh piece of content in lesser time. You can use new keywords, headings and make it more SEO-friendly according to the latest algorithms. This technique can boost your search engine rankings.

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7. Focus on Video Content

Videos are now becoming the most popular form of content nowadays. Videos have a higher retention rate as compared to textual content. It is also important for SEO because Google has started featuring videos on the SERP. Try using the right keywords and Meta tags to get Google to know about your videos.

8. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

It is one of the most underrated SEO techniques. But the number of smartphone users has indeed increased exponentially in a few years. Google considers the mobile version of the website as the primary version of your website.

If your website does not support mobile layout, then the desktop layout will be used, but it will negatively impact your website’s SEO ranking.

You can Check Your Website Speed Test by Google and rectify the errors with the help of web developers.

9. Overhaul Your Top Pages

Out of all SEO techniques, this technique is the most important to keep your website on top of SERP for long periods. You should search for your top posts in,

Google Analytics -> Acquisition -> Search Console -> Queries

…and search for the posts that rank with an average position above 10.

Add more details to these articles by adding examples, visualizations, Q&A, and make it a great piece of content both in length and quality. These will help you gain a high amount of traffic and also added credibility.

10. Rank with Featured Snippets

Not many people know about featured snippets. The search results that show up on Google with images and a box outline just after the advertisements are Featured snippets. There are 86% chances that a user will click on the featured snippet shown by Google. So featured snippets are a great way to drive traffic to your website.

To get your post in Featured Snippets, you must be clear and concise in your article, use proper formatting, use headers to ensure easy scanning, and ensure multi-device usability of the website.

11. Increase User Engagement

User engagement is a key aspect of SEO. It directly affects the SEO ranking of your website. To ensure maximum engagement in your blog posts you can use the following techniques.

  • Write easy-to-read content. Properly utilize headings, short paragraphs, whitespaces, and infographics to make your content more attractive and increase user time.
  • Capture the reader’s attraction. Use multiple ways to demonstrate your content to visitors like images, videos, charts, and graphs.
  • Use LSI keywords. Direct content on a topic is not enough nowadays. Also, answer all the questions that might burst up in the user’s mind after reading your blog to make it more engaging.

12. Appropriate Tags for Visual Content

Adding visual content like images and videos can’t directly boost up your SEO. It is not easy for Google to crawl bots to scan visual content. You will need to add appropriate tags on your images and videos like the title tag and alt tag. Use as many keywords as possible in a structured format while writing the alt tags to help Google easily identify your content.

13. Analyze and Improve Your Website’s SEO

You might think that this is not an advanced technique, yes it is not but it is equally important. The main part is that almost every SEO beginner overlooks this technique. But it can boost up your ranking and help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Perform a complete SEO audit of your website regularly to point out the problems occurring with your website. An SEO audit can help you identify and solve SEO problems easily and help you stay on top.

14. Focus on Needs of Your Audience

Keep a watch on all of your popular posts. Make data about the interests of your audience, age group, country, etc. You can use Google Analytics to get this data. Now write your articles keeping in mind the various factors and interests of your audience.

14. Deep Research Your Keywords

Search for high-quality keywords and keep in mind the factors such as Cost Per Click (CPC) and Keyword Difficulty (KD). Both CPC and KD should be less, to gain the most out of the keyword. And keep in mind that you don’t have to bomb up your articles with keywords. Use the keywords organically and well-in sync with the language.

15. Page Loading Speed

Almost every SEO expert has set this as one of the most important SEO factors. Search engines like Google see low site speed as a huge red flag. It affects both the mobile and desktop search results to a great extent. You can use Google’s page speed insight tool to get a better idea about your blog’s loading speed. Higher loading speeds can increase your websites ‘ rank on Google.

These are the most advanced SEO techniques that most experts use to get their websites in the first search result of search engines. But it will not be easy for everyone to use these SEO techniques. If you feel stuck at getting your website high rank or need some expert advice, this SEO company would help you in that. To make your work easy, let the experts work for you. SCORSH as a Top Digital Marketing agency provides the top solution by keeping the most affordable SEO packages in India

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